The Management Services Department of the Belomar Regional Council was established primarily to assist local governments with grant writing and administration as well as overall project management.

Belomar’s Management Services Department serves Belmont County in Ohio and Ohio, Marshall and  Wetzel Counties in West Virginia.

Services provided by Management Services staff  are as follows:

  • Act as Liaison – Act as a liaison between member community’s and the various state and federal funding agencies in an attempt to secure the best funding scenario for a community’s project
  • Grant Writing – Assist member communities in preparing grant (and loan) applications for state and/or federal grant/loan funding.
  • Grant Administration – Provide grant/loan administration services to ensure grantee community will be in compliance with all state and federal laws, policies and guidelines of the appropriate regulatory agencies as they relate to the community’s project.
  • Project Management Services – Provide complete project management services for any economic development, community development and/or infrastructure project from the inception stage to project closeout.
While the Management Services Department specializes in public infrastructure projects (primarily water and sewer), we are involved in other types of community development projects as well.

The Management Services Department is comprised of two full-time staff members. A.C. Wiethe is the Director and Rick Healy is the Assistant Director.