Residents of Belmont County who own their home and meet low to moderate income criteria are eligible to apply for the 2016 Community Housing Impact and Preservation Program (CHIP). The 2016 Program will offer three activities:

  1. Home Repair – This activity to correct health and safety issues in the home. Types of things most corrected are lack of furnace or water heater, water or gas leaks, sewer issues, electrical issues, etc. Leaking roofs are considered on a case by case basis, roofs that have been leaking for a long period of time are generally not eligible. Home Repairs are 100% grant funded. Applications are considered on a first come, first served basis.
  2. Home Repair/Septic – This activity to correct deficient septic systems. Home Repair/Septic is 100% grant funded. Applications are considered on a first come, first served basis (although priority may be given to those with court order or nuisance complaints.)
  3. Private Owner Rehab – This activity addresses all main components or areas of the home. Roofing, windows and doors, electrical, plumbing, heating and weatherization, etc. are all considered. Private Owner Rehab is a principal reduction loan, reduced by 20% a year over a five year period. Applicants agree to remain the principal residents in the home during that period. (Some other restrictions apply.) Applications will be accepted during a specified time frame, and are scored based on a preliminary inspection.

Please download and complete the application in full and return it to Belomar Regional Council as soon as possible. You can download and print the application by clicking here.